Why Afriderm

AFRIDERM’S Premium Care For Dark Skin

Why The Beauty of Dark Skin Needs Special Care 

Dark Skin & Skincare: Why Melanin Matters

The rich, deep beauty of your dark skin is special – and melanin is what makes such a difference.

Your skin has special cells called melanocytes. These cells produce melanosomes, which help to produce the pigment in your skin, called melanin.

All skins have this, but your darker skin has more. The plus side is that with more melanin in darker skin, you’re well protected from UV light, since your extra melanin is what helps absorb and disperse the sun’s rays.

So What’s The Down Side?

The sensitive melanocytes in your skin mean that your skin’s pigmentation can change more easily.

This means that an insect bite or cut can leave a mark or blemish that gives you an uneven skin tone. Bumps, rashes, and stress can do the same thing. This damage happens at a deeper level, so it’s not easy to treat or remove.

And that’s just one of the reasons why dark skin needs specialist care. Other problems include ashy skin – that dryness flakiness you may experience – and acne, amongst others.

Dark Skin Deserves More:  The Experts Uncover The Answer.

AFRIDERM® is a pioneering lifestyle concept for dark skin, based on our experts’ intensive research and skill.

We’ve collaborated with leading dermatologists and skincare specialists. The result: A range of unique products precisely formulated tor dark skin, endorsed by experts and discerning customers.

Many case studies on women just like you have proved it: the unique AFRIDERM® range is effective in helping to treat and beautify dark skin tones.

Nature Meets The Latest Technology – For A Beautiful, Darker Skin.

Each AFRIDERM® product does something clever: we are harvesting nature’s best fortifying herbs and minerals using cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology to treat these common dark skin conditions.

The result:  exclusive skincare formulas, enhanced by superior ingredients. We’ve selected each one for its exceptional ability to treat common dark skin conditions.

What Are The Common Dark Skin Problems?

Uneven Skin Tone:
Is this is your problem? It’s caused by hyperpigmentation, when your skin produces too much pigment, creating dark spots, and hypopigmentation, when your skin’s colour disappears in places, leaving lighter spots.

Infections & Blemishes:  This is a common problem, and dark skin can be more prone to blemishes. When your skin produces melanin to fight infections, it can create dark spots that are hard to erase.

 Acne: It’s not just a teenage problem. Acne is also fairly common, but pimples and acne tend to develop at a later age in dark skin complexions, and can have serious consequences, such as scarring (keloids) and severe pigmentation.

Ashy Skin: Have you noticed that your skin often develops dry, irritated patches with a scaly, flaky appearance that looks like dandruff, especially on your arms, elbows, and feet. This is because dark skin’s upper layers shed themselves faster than lighter skin. As these dead cells are lighter in color, they really stand out against dark skin tones.


AFRIDERM®: Premium Care for Dark Skin

The AFRIDERM® range really is a groundbreaking skincare collection. We’re dedicated to celebrating and caring for all shades of dark skin, so everyone with deep skin tones can enjoy a healthy, radiant look.

Our products are formulated with exclusive ingredients that work together perfectly to cleanse, moisturise, and care for dark skin.


What Are These Special Ingredients?

Octadecanoic Acid:  A long name, a perfect solution.

This special ingredient limits the skin’s melanin production, stops the expansion of melanosomes and prevents the inflammation that results in extra melanin. It evens out your skin tone, preventing and treating pigmentation problems without harming the skin, and it helps to prevent skin infections.


Lilac Extract (Syringa Vulgaris): A flower to help your skin bloom.

This is a natural flower extract that reduces the production of sebum – your skin’s oil. It also suppresses the bacterial activity that can lead to acne and other inflammatory conditions. Lilac Extract accelerates wound healing and prevents uneven pigmentation resulting from infections.

 Sodium Lactate & Potassium Lactate:  The moisturising superpowers.

These are most powerful moisturisers in skincare. They regulate your skin’s moisture and nourish your skin cells with exceptional hydration that helps to treat and defend against dry and irritated (ashy) skin.

Different Skins Needs Different Approaches.

Did you know? What works for lighter skins could actually irritate and damage your darker skin. Remember this when you’re looking for just the right skincare solution.

Which Ingredients Should I Avoid ?

Dark skin is prone to pigmentation problems, often caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This can last for several months or longer. You should look out for and avoid products containing alpha hydroxy acids, cortisone, strong bleaching agents like hydroquinone, salicylic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, and enzyme peels.


Now is the perfect time to discover AFRIDERM®’s targeted nourishing care, for dark skin that looks and feels great, no matter what life or the environment throws at you.