Afriderm® Body Lotion + Day Cream

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Afriderm Body Lotion + Day Cream
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Afriderm Hand Lotion & Body Cream

1 x Afriderm® Hand & Body Lotion

<b>AFRIDERM<sup>®</sup> </b>HAND & BODY LOTION Silky Smooth Perfection <i>For Dark Pigmented Skin</i> <b>GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE BIO-ACTIVE SKINCARE WITH THE BEST OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS</b> <ul style="list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 20px;"> <li>This bio-active formula delivers essential moisture to your entire body with Sodium Lactate, the ultimate hydrator.</li> <li>The blend of natural herbal and mineral ingredients provides extra protection to skin exposed to the elements, such as hands, arms and legs.</li> <li>Results in silky, smooth skin.</li> </ul>


Afriderm Day Cream SPF20 w/ Packaging

1 x Afriderm® Day Cream SPF20

<b>AFRIDERM<sup> </sup></b><strong>DAY CREAM SPF 20</strong> Moisture-Intensive Perfection <i>For Dark Pigmented Skin</i> <b>Moisture balance during the day with Herbal Oils, Shea Butter & Hyaluronan.</b> <ul style="list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 20px;"> <li>Enriched with the supreme hydrator Potassium Lactate, imbuing dark tones with pure, soothing moisture.</li> <li>Formulated with advanced Octadecenedioic Acid and powerful antioxidants such as Dunaliella Salina, for a more even skin tone, free from spots, blemishes and excessive shine.</li> <li>SPF-20 UV radiation protection. And yes, dark skin needs solar radiation protection!</li> <li>Easily applied, rapidly absorbed and leaves skin fresh and firm with a great after-feel.</li> </ul> <b>DAILY USE ENCOURAGES A SMOOTH, RADIANT AND HEALTHY-LOOKING COMPLEXION</b>




Afriderm Body Lotion + Day Cream
Special offer -10%


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