African Skin Care Secrets

We all want beautiful skin. African women seem to have this naturally. Their skin is smooth and youthful, even as they age. You can have this skin, too! Here are some ways you can unlock African skin care secrets.

Body Lotion

One way to get lovely skin is by using AFRIDERM Body Lotion. Our lotion makes your skin silky and smooth. Soon, you’ll look like a goddess!

Why Use It?

This is not like other lotions. It is meant to help dark women get African skin. Like all our products, it…

  • improves the quality of the skin, not just the look of it.
  • makes skin soft, smooth, and clear
  • has very delicate and non-aggressive materials. (Dark skin is prone to damage by harsh chemicals, scratches and burns.)
  • has special patented materials that work on melanin production. They also help distribute melanin in the skin on 3 different levels. These levels include genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution.
  • has unique moisturizing agents that are vital to darker skin. These agents eliminate dryness with ease.
  • has a patented special agent. It is designed for skin that is oily and prone to acne. Oil and acne can affect skin tone and uniformity in dark skin.
  • has a bio-active formula that gives essential moisture to the body using Sodium Lactate, the ultimate hydrator.

More Body Treatments

Body Butter

Our lotion is great for major areas of the body. It works best on arms, legs, the stomach, the back, etc. But what about minor areas?

This is where AFRIDERM Body Butter helps. After using the lotion, apply the body butter to minor spots. This includes elbows, knees, heels, etc. These areas dry out easily. The butter keeps them smooth and soft.

The herbs and minerals in our body butter have added benefits:

  • moisturizing the skin
  • preventing dry and ashy skin
  • getting rid of irritation

Body Scrub

Sometimes, lotion and butter may not be enough. Skin can be tricky. A lot of work goes into making it perfect. To be sure your body has great skin, add our exfoliating scrub to your list of body care items.

Why would you need this if you already have the lotion and the butter? The scrub is an extra way to be sure your skin stays lovely. It is also good to have if you do not want one of the above items. With all three items, it will be hard not to have great skin!

Our scrub can…

  • give skin a silky texture in time
  • get rid of dry skin cells
  • keep your skin ash free
  • give the skin moisture
  • reveal more polished and even skin
  • give the skin a natural glow
  • clear the pores of your skin
  • lower the risk of breakouts

Other Ways to Unlock African Skin Care Secrets

Even if you use all the items above, there is still work to be done. There is more to beauty secrets than just the body. You also need to think about face care! What good is a great body without a great face?

How to Care for Your Face

We have a lot of items to help with face care. There are many facial features to pay attention to. You need to keep this in mind if you want to fully unlock all the African skin care secrets. It is easy to forget about the eyes, for instance.

Wrinkles are easy to find near the eyes. If you do not give your eyes care, it can ruin the look of African skin! We have a product just for this purpose. Our eye cream keeps the skin around the eyes as smooth as the rest of your face. It can even sooth and refresh the eyes!

Sun Screen

Many dark skinned people think they do not need to use sun screen. This is not true! Even if you do not get sunburned easily, your skin can still be damaged by UV rays! Take the time to protect your skin with AFRIDERM Day Cream SPF-20.

Our SPF-20 also…

  • soothes the skin
  • gives the skin moisture
  • absorbs quickly into the skin so that it can start working instantly
  • evens skin tones.
  • is great for showing off your beach bod while protecting it at the same time!

Time to Get the Skin You Always Wanted!

There are many things to do to fully unlock African skin care secrets. If you want African skin, use AFRIDERM products. Lotion, scrub, creams, etc…. We have everything you need to get perfect skin!

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